Latest Headlines from Construct Ireland
17-05 Higher power bills lift UK inflation
16-05 Green Party councillors take the lead in setting standards for low-energy housing
15-05 Double-flush Toilet set to be Compulsory
15-05 OECD: House prices put economy at risk
15-05 Tackling the energy monopoly
14-05 Construction stops as water runs out
12-05 High oil price boosts German April inflation
12-05 Green Party calls for Government to end free ride for polluters in carbon allocation
12-05 EPA Publishes Draft Allocation Plan for 2nd Period of Emissions Trading
12-05 Heritage chief sounds flood warning
12-05 Imported energy rises to 90%
12-05 Two ESB power plants facing closure over corroded pipes
12-05 Rural residents rejoice as mega turbine plans gone with wind
12-05 Five acres at Airfield Estate rezoned from residential to amenity
12-05 Markievicz group among objectors to housing plan
12-05 Councils approve �2bn plan for Bray
12-05 Fingal approves 2,500 new houses
12-05 Beaches awash with sewage
12-05 City planners puzzled by new bronze plaque on bridge
12-05 Poland acts on EU environmental liability law
12-05 Carbon crunch "sinks Portuguese refinery"
12-05 Fears for environment as China plans 48 new airports
11-05 House of Tomorrow Funding to Continue
11-05 Oil prices higher in Asian trade
10-05 Bord Gais warns of price hike, profits dip 9%
09-05 Cowen rejects windfall tax on energy firms
09-05 Government to reap �1.5bn from unleaded petrol
09-05 The challenge of sourcing oil and gas
09-05 Locals to stop city developer
09-05 Council rejects Cork development plan
09-05 Sewage plant delayed
09-05 MoD sees light on UFOs
09-05 Price crash leaves EU carbon market jittery
09-05 Benefits of climate change policies assessed
09-05 Investors to attack Shell over environment
09-05 Airtricity plans grid to link wind farms
08-05 Government giving with one hand and taking back with the other
07-05 Oil price surge should spark a proper energy debate
07-05 EU finance chiefs dismiss oil tax idea
03-05 Iran crisis keeps oil prices high