MembershipÉasca was formed to promote and facilitate positive change in order to mainstream sustainable building practices in Ireland. Easca members are generating a strong and common voice for sustainable building in Ireland. By linking together and accepting common criteria for standards and peer-review, members are moving forward the agenda for sustainable construction.

Éasca offers 2 levels of membership: an individual non-assessed membership for the general public and a company level membership:


Individual level:

  • Subscription to Passive House Plus
  • Discounts on entry to courses, conferences and other Éasca events
  • An information and referral service

Company level:

  • Use of the Éasca membership logo on all stationary, advertising, literature, websites, etc.
  • Multiple subscriptions to Passive House Plus*
  • 2.5% Discount on advertising with Passive House Plus
  • Optional Company Feature in the Éasca pages of Passive House Plus
  • Discounts on entry to courses, conferences and other Éasca events
  • Listing on our website

* Small companies can have up to 5 entrants discounted/copies of magazine, medium companies 10 and large companies 20.

Membership assessment:

Company Membership of Éasca is assessed on the basis of a member's commitment to achieving sustainable building practices and the practical steps they are taking to realise that commitment and by using the principles laid down in the Éasca Charter as a benchmark.

How to Join?

Please contact us and we will send you the membership form.

Alternatively, you can contact us at the address below and we will send you out a copy of the application form. Membership is subject to terms and conditions.

*Please note: membership is currently only available to companies and individuals with active Republic of Ireland current bank accounts.*

Membership Fees:

Individual Level:

Individual Membership      €5/month

Company Level:

Small Company      (Up to €1m/annum turnover)      €40/month

Medium Company   (€1m-€5m/annum turnover)       €80/month

Large Company      (Over €5m/annum turnover)       €160/month

Further Information

If you would like further information, or wish to be sent a membership application form, please contact us.

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