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Heffernan and Associates have been practicing energy conscious design for at least 25 years.  They studied developments using passive solar gain in Milton Keynes in the early 1980s.  In 1985 they designed the first commercial application of passive solar gain in a development of six houses in London.  These houses used the glazed stairwell as a collection chamber for the heat which is then distributed to the living areas of the south facing homes.  At the same time they were using low water content, low temperature aluminum radiators and efficient combi boilers. 

Sustainable design principles have become the starting point of all their design projects now.  The recently started the design process on a new office building.  The basic orientation, plan format and plan depth was designed to ensure natural light and ventilation could be achieved.  The site orientation and deciduous trees enabled them to maximise passive solar gain and achieve shading in summer.  The courtyard was designed to allow cross flow ventilation and as a by product create a peaceful oasis for staff.  These passive measures along with active measures such as solar panels, heat pumps and heat recovery from computers will produce a very low energy consuming development

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