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EASCA Contacts Directory and Building Enquiry Facility

Contacts will be sectioned into trades, professions and services. The contacts directory will consist principally of EASCA members. However, it may also include certain public services and authorities that EASCA deems useful. This resource will include contacts in the following areas:

a) planning consultants, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, environmental consultants, project managers, contractors and sub-contractors, and financial institutions

b) suppliers and installers of materials, building systems and technologies

c) public sector services relating to planning, natural and built environment, energy, natural and built heritage, water and waste services, fire safety, disability access

d) environmental organisations, NGO’s and charities

e) national and EU grant award bodies

f) training courses

Within the contacts directory, each EASCA member will be listed in their relevant section, including contact details, information on their services, and relevant qualifications they possess, where applicable.

Email/ Telephone Building Enquiry Service

Based on the growing volume of enquiries Construct Ireland has been receiving for information/assistance with building projects, EASCA are developing a building enquiry facility, where interested parties can request information/assistance from EASCA members equipped to field their enquiry. This facility is intended to act as a catalyst for business between EASCA members and potential clients.
For ease of use and to ensure members receive the highest quality of enquiries, this section will be subdivided. Once the content is deemed suitable by EASCA, there are two fundamental concerns here in order to deliver a useful service.

Firstly, users of EASCA may wish to contact providers of specific services and materials, or may wish to contact service providers with regard to every aspect of their project. Therefore, users should choose either to be put in contact with service and materials providers related to a specific area, or to submit their project to all EASCA members.

In essence, this facility will exist so that users can submit enquiries to EASCA members regarding building projects. It may be useful to have two options for enquiries here, in terms of user friendliness and ensuring members receive only relevant enquiries: Pre Planning and Post Planning.

Pre planning

This section will consist of useful information and contacts for users whose projects have not yet entered the planning process. It will include everything from the services they need to get their project off the ground, to information on products that they can specify once planning permission has been granted. The reason for inclusion of information on products and materials, for instance, at this stage, is that it could influence the nature of the planning proposal, and will widen the amount of enquiries that consenting EASCA members receive, which will therefore help to bring business to members.

Post Planning

This section will consist of contacts whom EASCA users can specify services or products from regarding a project that has been granted planning permission.
Members will have the option of being contactable either by users at pre or post planning stages, or both, subject to their preference. Some members may, for instance wish not to field enquiries from pre planning enquiries, if they feel this may involve them dealing with projects which may never come to fruition.