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  • Greenpeace climbers say 'yes' to St Pancras
    Eurostar action celebrates new rail line, but damns PM for Heathrow plansGreenpeace climbers dodged police and security guards this morning before scaling the front of St Pancras station and dropping a massive banner emblazoned with the word 'YES!' in three metre high letters.The high-altitude action is a rare instance of environmentalists launching a demonstration to celebrate progress in the fight against global warming. The climbers are blowing up huge green balloons and throwing biodegradable confetti into the air as the new high-speed rail link from St Pancras to Europe finally opens to the public, cutting journey times and challenging high-polluting airlines. Research reveals that taking the train causes ten times less damage to the climate than flying (1). But as Gordon Brown seeks to gain political capital from today's opening, the Greenpeace campaigners are striking a note of caution. Despite the obvious environmental benefits of the train, the Prime Minister is pushing ahead with plans to expand UK airports to cater for journeys that could be made by rail. The most popular destination from Heathrow is Paris, with sixty flights back and forth every day. Below the word YES on the huge sixteen metre by eight metre banner is the line: 'PS Gordon, no need for that 3rd runway'. Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said: "At Greenpeace we're not known for scaling buildings to celebrate progress in the fight against climate change, but today's opening is worth shouting about. If Britain wants to slash its emissions then this is just the kind of low carbon solution we need to see more of."He continued: "While Gordon Brown wants plaudits for the Eurostar line, he's planning a new, totally unnecessary runway at Heathrow that will dramatically increase greenhouse gas emissions. If the policies were put in place to support train travel and make airlines pay the true costs of their pollution then we could reduce flights from airpo...

  • How to make tourism greener
    The BBC's Stephanie Holmes explores the role of international tourism in exacerbating climate change and how governments are facing the challenge.

  • Australians named worst emitters
    A survey of the world's power stations finds Australia to be the heaviest polluter per capita with the US second.

  • Recycling Is Bigger Than the Bin

  • Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Applauds Governor Culver for Today's Move Toward Energy Efficienc...

  • Benn to publish climate change law
    Hilary Benn is today setting out the government's plan to introduce legally binding targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Who's L.A. Gonna Call? -- 'Drought Busters'
    LOS ANGELES - A team of "Drought Busters" driving hybrid Toyota Prius cars was dispatched throughout Los Angeles on Tuesday to educate residents on water waste as the the city struggles with a record drought.

  • Georgia Holds Prayer Vigil for Rain to End Drought
    ATLANTA - The US state of Georgia's governor held a vigil on the steps of the state capitol building on Tuesday to pray for rain to end the worst drought in decades to hit the US southeast.

  • Global warming is not to blame for delayed autumn colouring after all
    SOUTHAMPTON The fact that leaves are turning brown later each autumn is caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and not global warming, British scientists have discovered.

  • Benn publishes climate change law
    Hilary Benn has published the government's Climate Change Bill, introducing legally binding targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions for the first time.

  • Why 'carbon tyre track' plans end up in the ditch
    Transport is the world's biggest polluter, but tracing its true impact is a hard task, writes Roland Gribben.

  • Life in Peru's most polluted town
    The BBC's Dan Collyns visits La Oroya in Peru, labelled one of the world's dirtiest towns, where people say their health is being damaged by emissions from a smelter plant.

  • German carmakers slip in emission control, study finds
    A study to be issued Thursday by an environmental group says that German-produced cars are getting dirtier even as French- and Italian-made cars are getting cleaner.

  • China Says Coal Emissions Reduced
    China said measures to improve the environment by cutting pollution at coal-fired power plants has started to show results, with emissions of a key air pollutant falling so far this year.

  • Sowing seeds of farming's future
    Global food stocks are running low and rich nations should not take security of supplies for granted.

  • Bid to help protect the wild lough
    Special breeding areas are to be created on Lough Neagh's islands to increase the numbers of common tern in the rich wetlands.

  • Big in Falkirk: 100ft kelpies will headline green transformation
    It forms part of the nation's industrial heartland and now, thanks to the largest ever award to Scotland from the Big Lottery Fund (BIG), it will be transformed into a �49m eco-park to be completed over the next five years.

  • Understanding the climate ostrich
    Why do people find it hard to accept the increasingly firm messages that climate change is a real and significant threat to livelihoods? Here, a sociologist unravels some of the issues that may lie behind climate scepticism.

  • Climate change bill published
    The government published a ground-breaking climate change bill on Thursday, starting a parliamentary process that could lead to a legal limit on national emissions of carbon gases within six months.

  • WWF's giant boat and plane models in London for Climate Change Bill campaign
    WWF doesnt want the Climate Bill plain sailing until its water tight